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PROGRAMME – II : June Batch -2020 Schedule
Date 09:00 to 10:30 10:30 to 12:00
17-Aug-20 Polity Geography
18-Aug-20 Polity Geography
19-Aug-20 Polity Geography
20-Aug-20 Polity Geography
21-Aug-20 Polity Geography
22-Aug-20 Current Affairs CSAT
23-Aug-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
24-Aug-20 Polity Geography
25-Aug-20 Polity Geography
26-Aug-20 Polity Geography
27-Aug-20 Polity Geography
28-Aug-20 Polity Geography
29-Aug-20 Current Affairs CSAT
30-Aug-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
31-Aug-20 Polity Economy
1-Sep-20 Polity Economy
2-Sep-20 Polity Economy
3-Sep-20 Polity Economy
4-Sep-20 Polity Economy
5-Sep-20 Current Affairs CSAT
6-Sep-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
7-Sep-20 Environment Economy
8-Sep-20 Environment Economy
9-Sep-20 Environment Economy
10-Sep-20 Environment Economy
11-Sep-20 Environment Economy
12-Sep-20 Current Affairs CSAT
13-Sep-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
14-Sep-20 Environment Ancient History
15-Sep-20 Environment Ancient History
16-Sep-20 Environment Ancient History
17-Sep-20 Environment Ancient History
18-Sep-20 Environment Ancient History
19-Sep-20 Current Affairs CSAT
20-Sep-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
21-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
22-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
23-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
24-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
25-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
26-Sep-20 Current Affairs CSAT
27-Sep-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test
28-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
29-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
30-Sep-20 Economy Ancient History
1-Oct-20 Economy Ancient History
2-Oct-20 Economy Ancient History
3-Oct-20 Current Affairs CSAT
4-Oct-20 Sunday - Holiday/Test